The Library History
 Where it all began...

    Andrew de Real

   The Man Behind The Library

Where it all began….It has long been said that deep in people’s hearts, there is a void, a yearning, for a pattern and a way of life. The satisfaction of a want of this kind is not due entirely to the skill of the one who presents the solution but rather the audience who wanted it in the first place. As Socrates once said "The Best Flavoring for a Drink is Thirst." It is
probably this fact that has made The Library what it is today. In its 21 years of existence it has gracefully metamorphosed from being an almost
nondescript wall along Adriatico Street in Malate to being a vibrant, melting spot with SRO crowds even on weekdays. More, it has become what it claims; a second home to stand-up comedians and to its regular patrons. Like a tapestry, The Library weaves a number of factors into a blend that is distinctly different. Its mahogany panels, overflowing bookshelves and antique decors are contrasted with modern furnishings producing a cozy ambience that evoke both century old and modern day pragmatism. The walls reverberate with music that defies conventions: it is a place where opera and Broadway hits are performed and applauded with the same gusto as the top 40’s. And the crowd transcends labels. Here you will find students
mingling uninhibitedly with artists & yuppies, politicians guzzling beer with activists and journalists brushing elbows with celebrities.
Foreigners also make the place a harbor from their travels. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why TIME MAGAZINE Asia (April 15, 2002 issue) featured The Library as one of the best entertainment place to visit in Manila.

The Library was established in June 21, 1986 two months after the historical EDSA Revolution. Andrew de Real its proprietor, then a freelance performing artist, envisioned a haven for people with the love for music, comedy and clean fun. The idea of setting up a “Library” was inspired by the concept of “a place that is private yet buzzling with enlightened activity.” As they say, the rest is history. Today, The Library has grown literally and figuratively. The floor space has grown with its clientele. Its former hosts and entertainers have acquired names for themselves on television- Arnel Ignacio, Ai-Ai Delas Alas, Allan K., Lenard Obal, Rey Kilay,  Philip Lazaro, Anton Diva, Pooh, Martin D’ Icon, La Vivorah, May Bayot, La Bacci, Raging Divas, Teri Onor, Wally Bayola and a number of other performers who have conquered bigger venues and following.

Vibrant, Defiant, Roaring laughter!

Private.  Unique.  Different…  Unparalleled!

A second Home.

The Library.